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The^easy-to-use alternative to printed collateral for corporate events and trade shows

Attendees can find, request, and save speaker presentations, session handouts, and exhibitor brochures digitally. No more paper to lug around the show floor!

Organizers dramatically reduce or even eliminate handout distribution, which decreases the cost (and waste!) of paper materials. virtualTotebag's online reports provide organizers and exhibitors with actionable insights into who downloaded each document, providing leads for sales and marketing.

With virtualTotebag, you can:

  • Go green.

    While everyone expects to have some printed items available, most of our clients dramatically scale back their materials, and some have even eliminated them!

  • Generate leads.

    virtualTotebag tracks and reports all requests and downloads so you know exactly who is interested in which products.

  • Extend your event.

    After your event, attendees can use virtualTotebag to get anything they missed and easily share their documents with colleagues who weren't able to attend.

  • Keep your collateral up to date.

    virtualTotebag stores content digitally, so all your collateral can easily be updated or deleted as product specs change.

  • Go beyond paper.

    virtualTotebag can store anything digitial - videos, audio files, interactive PowerPoints, etc. - things that just can't be reproduced on paper.

  • Generate revenue.

    virtualTotebag allows 'pre-stuffing' of sponsors' items into any or all accounts. It also has space available for sponsor logos and/or ads.

  • Save money and reduce waste.

    Reduce printing and shipping expenses. According to the EPA, the average event attendee produces 61 pounds of waste during a three-day conference.

  • Simplify the attendee experience.

    virtualTotebag is super easy to use, with high rates of attendee usage before, during, and after your event.

Events that have used virtualTotebag:

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"It's a win-win-win solution: attendees don't have to deal with stacks of papers; exhibitors decrease cost and environmental impact of shipping and printing; and meeting planners become environmental leaders."
"Attendees have complained in the past about the quantity of hard materials they had to carry... ...the demand for [virtualTotebag] is going to grow."
"In today's environment, green solutions like Virtual Totebag are essential to the future of our industry and our planet."
Baltimore Business Journal's Green Business award for Best "Green Product"
Trade Show Week 2009 Green Innovation Award for the Industry's Top Eco-Leaders